**PAYETTE LAKE WATER LEVEL DROPPING EARLY THIS YEAR! WE ARE SECURING DOCKS EARLIER THIS YEAR!** To our customers on Payette Lake…the water level on Payette Lake is going to be dropping earlier this year than traditionally in the past. Each year is different. Historically, we start putting away docks around the 2nd or 3rd week of September. However, we have been told that the water will drop earlier this year. Customers will need to make arrangements to have their water craft off of their docks by no later than Monday, Labor Day, September 6th. We will begin securing docks for the fall starting Tuesday, September 7th, working all through the week. It is very important that you have boats and jet skis off the dock so we can safely secure your dock. If you still have water craft moored to your dock, we cannot secure it. Any delays in getting boats off the docks creates a risk that we cannot secure your dock in time, and your dock may have to sit where it is for the winter. If you have any questions, you can reach us at the office at (208) 634-2875. Thank you for your cooperation!